At Wirelexx, we understand the frustration of not having access to high-speed fibre internet in your street. But worry not, because we have the perfect solution to help you get fibre in your complex!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have Fibre in your street, we will get your complex connected for FREE within 2 weeks.

Wirelexx will install FREE FIBRE infrastructure in your complex.

Please be sure to put us in touch with your Body Corporate, and once it is installed you will get 10 Mbps Free Fibre for a year.


With our free complex fibre installation, we will bring free complex fibre infrastructure directly to your complex. Our team at Wirelexx will work closely with your Body Corporate to ensure a seamless and hassle-free installation process. Within just two weeks, you’ll have the power of fibre in your complex, right at your doorstep.


As a special offer, once the free complex fibre infrastructure is installed, you’ll receive 10 Mbps of free fibre internet for an entire year. That means you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds and unlock a world of online possibilities.
Don’t let the absence of complex fibre hold you back. With Wirelexx, you can experience the benefits of reliable and high-speed internet connectivity, even if your complex is currently without fibre.

Our goal is to make complex fibre accessible and convenient for everyone.

Take the first step towards upgrading your complex fibre internet connectivity. Contact us today and let us bring the power of free complex fibre in your complex. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity for free complex fibre installation and free complex fibre infrastructure.

Trust Wirelexx to deliver the fibre connectivity you deserve.

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